20,000 D&D Random Magical Effects

Let it be known that I did not create the following massive list(s) of Random Magical Effects. I was simply cruising the net looking up some random (no pun intended) stuffs and came across a guy named Orrex (Dave). While reading some things he posted I came across his.. mind blowing list of 10,000 Random Magical Effects. (the lists are at the bottom of this article in .pdf formats)

Roll 275, for example, Candles are automatically snuffed out in the caster’s presence.

Roll 9,437, for example, Nearest Giant is summoned; appears in 2d10 rounds.

10,000 of these!

But wait! There’s more!

I contacted Orrex to seek permission to post these here on GameMasters.com and he informed me of another 10,000 Random Magical Effects!

He went on to explain that the 1st list was a list of Wild Surges, while the 2nd list is a list of Chaos Bursts. What’s the difference you may ask.. well..
There is a FAQ displayed at the top of each list, but direct from Orrex we have:

Wild Surge
Some would suggest that casting a spell is analogous to going to a faucet for a drink of water. A conventional mage is like a normal person. He holds his glass beneath the spigot, turns on the tap, fills his glass to the desired level, and turns off the tap. Simple, efficient, and orderly. However, the wild mage doesn’t work that way. Instead, he smashes the spigot with a hammer, tries to catch as much water as he wants in his glass, and then tries to reseal the ruptured faucet. Complicated, inefficient, and chaotic. And very likely to get the wild mage soaked in the process. So it is with magic. Instead of opening a precise channel for magical energy, the wild mage tears a gaping hole in reality and hopes to get a particular effect. If he can reseal the hold, great. If not, the result is a Wild Surge.

Chaos Burst
Chaos bursts may be thought as eruptions of disorder resulting from poorly controlled magic use.

But that’s not all!

Orrex also told me that he is working on a 3rd list of 10,000 MORE Random Magical Effects! He is about 6,500 or so into that list.

He mentioned to me that the original goal was to have a list of 30,000 effects, 10k affecting the caster, 10k the target, and 10k the general area.

Well, to me at least, this was all mind-blowing. I delved right in. Yeah, some of the effects are kinda goofy ( roll 1121 on the 2nd list has the caster covered in peanut butter), but it damn well works. I mean.. that’s the beauty of lists like this, if you, as the Dungeon Master, don’t like a result, re-roll!

Grab em up, read em up, print em out if you want (but do know that each on is just over 80 pages in length).



I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and YES, when the 3rd list comes out, I’ll be sure to let you all know about that one too!


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